, 10 april 2007

A post-match interview with Michaella Krajicek

I saw where you played her earlier this year. Was there anything you took from that match into this match or any intelligence picked up there?

Well, we played three weeks ago in Miami. It was a tough match. It was 6-4 in the first and then it was 4-4, and then it was rain delay. So for her it was a good rest by then in the second set, and she pulled out 7-5, and then she rushed through the third set 6-2, so she played really well that day. I know she's a very big server. We played each other a few times in juniors as well. We know each other a lot. We played when we were young together, so yeah, I mean she serves really well, and today I had -- on clay it's better to play her because you can return some serves. You have more chances to hit some more points in every game, and although she won a lot of games by lob or 40-15, it was good to let her play a few more points. And I think I played a good match today. I served well in the second and the third. The first one was a little bit shaky for me, and yeah, the whole match was quite steady for me.

You get any help with your serve from Richard or your dad teach both of you?

Yeah. Both of them. My dad is traveling with me as my coach from already when I was young, so that's good; and my brother helps me when I'm in Holland or tournament, he comes over. And Miami he was. So yeah, he helps me a lot.

Does knocking off the No. 1 seed make you feel pretty much like anything is possible in this tournament?

Yeah, for sure. It's a great win. I was looking forward to have a win like this, and especially when you beat the first seed, it's great, but also because I know Nicole already since we were young. So yeah, it was a good mental match as well to win.

In the third set when she broke you to tie it at two to two, you got pretty upset there. How did you respond at that point? I know you kind of yelled at yourself. But after that you seemed to take control of the end of the match.

Yeah. Sometimes for me it's better if I just tell myself what to do exactly. I mean her game is actually to serve and to return well, and the rest, you know, she can hit hard, but she misses a lot, too, so you don't get really in your rhythm when you are playing against her. And at the score of that time she hit a good return and some good forehands, I think from the baseline. So that was tough to win that game, but I yelled at myself to hit more first serves in, and that was very important against her because then she cannot hit the return straightaway.

What was it like growing up in the background of being a sister of a Wimbledon champion, and how old were you back when Richard won Wimbledon?

I was seven. I was at home watching my dad, and he was playing at Wimbledon. So I don't remember too much of that. I know that I was more interested in my Barbies than in watching him play Wimbledon, so... Did you name your hamster after anyone? I saw your hamster's name is Andy. Yeah. Well, unfortunately he died. So I got a new one, so I have a new name as well, but yes, my first hamster is called after Andy, so it's better not to tell him.

What's the new name?

Lola. That's my mom's pick.