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Hopman Cup   02 jan 2006 2: Dulko (26) 6-4 6-2 

Hopmancup.com, 2 januari 2006

Interview Hopman Cup 2006 na ArgentiniŽ

Well Michaella Krajicek, thatís a terrific start to the year. A good fighting performance. You feeling satisfied?

Yes, I played pretty good. I have to say, we were both making a lot of mistakes I would say in the first and the second set. For her, it was her first match, so I think that she is not really satisfied with it. She played ok, but I think she can play much better. For me, I am a little bit tired still. I have to get used to the weather in Australia and everything. I think I played pretty good, but I hope I will play better in the next few matches.

Now we are just going to show you one shot from the latter part of the first set. Can a single shot change a match here? Because this was a terrific backhand.

I donít remember this one. Oh yes, yes. It was a little bit lucky. I hit it a little bit late, but it was a nice shot. I have to say in the match I was a little bit, not really fast in the court because I have a little bit a headache, so I hope in the mixed it will go better. We will see.

Gee youíre a hard marker. A little bit lucky! It was a terrific shot. Youíve been on the tour for a little while now. Youíve had a look, youíve had some great scalps as well. What do you think it is with your game that you need to take you into that top echelon of players. Or first of all are you confident of getting there?

Well I think I have to, I still have to work on my physics because that is the most important thing for me because not only for the injuries but also for better moving. The other girls like Gisela (Dulko) are very fast on the court and I still have to improve that. I think I have a good serve and if I donít make so many mistakes then it is going to be good.

Well that was fantastic today and now you have set it up for the next match for Peter against Gaston Gaudio. Heís going to have a tough one there, but you might be in the mixed doubles battling it out.

Itís going to be a nice match to watch because Peter is playing very good and he has played very good the last two weeks. Hopefully it will make a good result. Of course I think he will win, so, I will cheer him up a little bit and we will see if we need the mix. If it is going to be 1-1, I am there for the mixed.

Youíre backing him? Youíre confident? Your confident of him beating Gaston?

Of course, heís a terrific player so itís going to be a nice match but first the singles so.

Well congratulations today. A great fighting win and a good one for the start of the New Year. Good luck.

Thank you.

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