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Hopman Cup   03 jan 2006 3: Stosur (46) 4-6 6-78 

Hopmancup.com, 3 januari 2006

Interview Hopman Cup 2006 na AustraliŽ

Well the qualifiers, youíre now a chance at making the final, which would emulate the Slovak Republic who won it in Hopman Cup X and Thailand who made it from the qualifying position. Youíve developed quite a team havenít you Michaella?

Krajicek: Yes well, Peter was playing very good the last few days and the last few weeks. I am very thankful for him for playing so well, for keeping me alive because I have struggled a little bit in my singles. I was a little bit nervous, made some mistakes, my serve wasn ít going that well and hopefully it will go better Thursday.

Serve wasnít going that well? 12 Aces, not that well at all hey?

Krajicek: Compared to the double faults, I had some eight double faults or something so it wasn ít that well. Of course the aces were good, so hopefully on Thursday I will be more stable.

But youíre 16, youíre touring the world. A lot of 16 year olds still canít get out of home. They are still trying to swipe beers from the old manís fridge. Is it good fun being out on the tour?

Krajicek: Yes, It ís amazing; Itís a nice life to live. Hopefully I can live with it, not so many injuries like this year and the next few years, that would be nice.

Absolutely, the big serving Peter Wessels. Youíve been in terrific form this week and that serve, when itís cooking, youíre a hard man to control.

Wessels: Yes I was happy that I served well today, except for the second set. I was very lucky that I won that one and very happy also because I was pretty tired. This week I am serving really well, in this mixed also. Michaella served also today some big serves and that kept us in the race.

Now youíre three for three here in singles. Good to be in form at the first part of the year. You would have some healthy ambitions for the remainder of the year.

Wessels: Yes it is good that I won three matches because last year I had a little bit of a disappointing year. I dropped a lot in ranking. I went from 70 to 150 and I play much better now, since I had my holiday. I had few weeks practice in Holland. It is just good to be back and playing well. It feels good to be here.

In a World Cup soccer year you might be able to set a tone for your team to go well in Germany?

Wessels: Hopefully, we are going to follow that. You guys are doing also pretty good with the Dutch coach Guus Hiddink and it is good that we have some more Dutch guys on the World Championships. I am going to vote for Holland.

Good on you. Ladies and gentlemen, theyíre in with a hunt of making the final. Theyíve been in terrific form.

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