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Hopman Cup   05 jan 2006 4: Groenefeld (21) 6-4 7-68 

Hopmancup.com, 5 januari 2006

Interview Hopman Cup 2006 na Duitsland

How do you feel about being in the final?

Krajicek: Awesome. Itís great. We havenít expected this so itís really great.

What do you think has been the difference. Obviously you played here last year. Has that helped you in this yearís tournament?

Krajicek: I think so. We still had to win our first match against China so we were a little bit nervous there. But we made it and that was followed by some good matches and Peter was playing very good in his singles. I started to play better as well, so I am really happy we won and we are in the final now.

Probably a bit disappointed Peter that Nicolas (Kiefer) pulled out. It would have been another good test for you heading into the Australian Open?

Wessels: On one hand it was a little bit disappointing because I wanted to see how I was going to do against him because I think he was the best player in the group this week. He was playing really well. On the other hand I am happy with a day rest. I was pretty tired. I played 8 or 9 matches in five days. I am happy with a days rest.

Is it mainly just fitness, the reason why you are playing so well? Being 100% fit.

Wessels: Yes I think so. I took two weeks holiday in December and then two weeks of practice. Also a lot of fitness training and that helped me a lot. I am very happy that I played well this year. It was a good start for me. Last year was a little bit disappointing. I didnít play very well. I dropped a lot in raking but this is good start for me.

Have you set ranking goals or anything for the year?

Wessels: No I stopped doing that. I did a lot of years but I always had injuries or last year I was 70 and I didnít have any points to defend for a half year. So I thought my goal now is top 50 and half a year later I am 130, because I just played bad, so I stopped making goals and just want to be fit and keep playing well.

In the last year, since you were here have you worked on your mixed doubles at any time? Have you practiced together or even played together anywhere?

Wessels: No, not at all.

So you have just pick up from where you left off last year?

Wessels: Yes we just play good together. It clicks. We both have good serves and good volleys and that helps a lot in mixed doubles.

How big is the coverage of Hopman Cup coverage in Holland?

Krajicek: Well there has been some press that have called in the last few days so they were pretty interested of course in Peter because he beat Gaudio. Itís nice and hopefully they will write some good news tomorrow.

(Anna-Lena) Groenefeld is another good scalp for you?

Krajicek: Yes for sure. The last few months I played some girls from the top 20 so I am really happy. I made some good results and today the win was very nice. I played good. Just the finish was a little bit nervous but I think I played a good match.

Do you have any more restrictions this year or can you play as many tournaments as you like?

Krajicek: No I still have. I can play 15 tournaments and then 4 Grand Slams.

You are only the third team to make the final after qualifying. What were your expectations coming into the Hopman Cup?

Wessels: Our goal was to qualify. Itís as easy as that. We got to play play-offs against China who were a good team, especially a good woman. Our goal was to qualify and we couldnít think of making the finals of course because we had a pretty heavy group with a lot of good players. Every match that we could win was a bonus for us. It is great. But we didnít expect it.

Have you got any preferences for who you do play in the final?

Wessels: I donít maybe Michaella does.

Krajicek: No I donít. I know that USA is two points up right? So they just have to win once and then they are in the finals so I guess we will play them but, you never know maybe Serbia and Montenegro is going to win. Doesnít matter to me.

You must have gained some confidence leading into the Grand Slam from this week?

Krajicek: Yes sure. It is very good for me to play some matches. I was playing national championships in Holland a few weeks ago, so that gave me some confidence as well just playing matches. I am happy Iím fit, so just being on the court is amazing.

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