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Michaelle Krajicek, sonyericssonwtatour.com, 19 juni 2009

Michaella Krajicek's Blog 6

Unfortunately we lost in the doubles final today :( It was disappointing, but I think it was a great match from both sides. It was very tight until the last moment. We were a few match points down, then had one ourselves, then lost. We would have loved to win the title together, but we'll play more in the future, and I have to give all credit to our opponents. They played a great match!

Even though I lost second round in singles, I feel really good about this week. I love playing here every year. The tournament organization was great, and the Tournament Director, Marcel Hunze, did such a great job. The title sponsor, Ordina, was amazing, too. The activities I did like sponsor visits and kids day were really fun. I'll definitely look back on this week with good feelings.

The fans have been great this week. Your support made it very enjoyable! Hopefully you'll keep supporting me in the coming weeks and months. And of course, thanks for reading my blog - it's a tradition for me to do it from here every year, and I will be back next year to keep that going!

Take care :)


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