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Rosmalen   16 jun 2009 R16: Barrois (70) 4-6 3-6 

Michaella Krajicek, Sonyericssonwtatour.com, 16 juni 2009

Michaella Krajicek's Blog 3

I'm disappointed about losing my singles match against Barrois today. I didn't play as well as I did yesterday, and not as aggressively as I wanted to. I was really hoping to go on a bit more in the tournament. But I give all the credit to my opponent - she played great. Unfortunately I had to lose today.

Yanina and I played very well in our doubles, though. It was tough for me to focus on doubles when I had lost my singles, because usually I think of doubles as practice and just try to have fun. I'm a singles player first, then doubles. But it was important to get my attitude right before the match, and we had fun out there and focused too. Tomorrow we have our quarterfinal. I'm happy I made up for the singles loss today with the doubles.

It was actually another rainy day here. I went on for my singles match twice. It was funny going on then coming off completely wet, then going on again. It started pouring a bit. We went to these grass courts at the back of the club to practice my serves and volleys a bit in between, but the courts were pretty wet, and when the ball bounced it would splash some water with it... My coach and I ended up coming off pretty wet. But it was fun!

Tonight I had a nice dinner and talked to my coach about the matches today. In addition to the doubles I also have a kids clinic tomorrow... I hope it'll be an exciting day! I'll write again afterwards.

Misa :)

What is the hardest thing about coming back from injury? Liam, UK
The toughest thing is getting confidence again. It's not that you don't believe in yourself, but it's gaining the confidence back on the court. You can practice X amount of hours but it's the real matches that do the trick. Obviously right when you're playing your first or second tournaments back, you aren't really sure that you're ready for it, that you can still do it, that you won't feel the injury anymore.

Does your little dog travel everywhere with you? Simon
No he doesn't unfortunately. He stays in Prague where my parents and little brother live. I'll see him here and there in between tournaments. I must admit, I miss him. But it's not so nice for the dog itself to travel anyway. And I trust my parents with him. They do put him on the phone sometimes, and sometimes when I'm on speaker he'll start barking :)

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