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Beth Rees Cravey, myclaysun.com, 20 april 2008

Story of dog with 2 broken legs gets a first class ending

You'll remember Rudy, the sad Chihuahua with two broken legs.

Fortunately, his circumstances have made a drastic improvement.

Here's his back story: Late one night in April 2007, the 5-pound dog was left in the overnight drop pens at Clay County Animal Control. He was found nine hours later by a kennel attendant reporting for work.

The drop onto the pavement had broken his two front legs.

"We felt so sorry for this little dog, that it became our mission to save his life," said Connie Goon, director of animal control.

After a local veterinarian treated the dog, a volunteer rescuer that works with animal control took Rudy to a Tampa specialist for major surgery to reset and cast his front legs. Since then, he has been through months of recovery and rehabilitation, Goon said.

The identity of the person who abandoned the dog remains a mystery.

Fast forward to April 2008.

Rudy attended the recent Bausch & Lomb tennis tournament on Amelia Island with his rescuer and was discovered by tennis player Michaella Krajicek of the Netherlands. Krajicek, who, at 19, is No. 34 on the Women's Tennis Association tour, lost the singles competition in the first round, but gained a pet.

"Michaella Krajicek ... fell insanely in love with Rudy," said Goon.

As a result, the little Chihuahua will be taking on a Dutch accent.

"Rudy is flying to Holland ... first class on Delta, to his new home. What a happy ending," Goon said. "This is just one of the many happy endings that have come from the result of our rescuers over the years. Great ending."