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Michaella Krajicek, Sonyericssonwtatour.com, 21 juni 2007

Krajicek's 's-Hertogenbosch Blog 4

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hello again everyone!

I had a busy day planned for today, so I'm glad I can do this one more time :) This morning I went to breakfast with my little brother; my mom and my dad had already gone back home so we were together most of the day! We played some more of his computer games (and I lost each time, especially his football game). We also went to the tournament together and I did an interview for Ordina, the tournament sponsor. That was a pretty long one actually, 30-45 minutes, and I signed some autographs also, not just for kids but also for their parents and grandparents, which is always great to see, people of all ages enjoying tennis.

After we had lunch, we went back home to Almere. I went for a bike ride with my brother, and then me, him and my mom all went into the city to do shopping for a few hours! My mom was looking for a pair of jeans but as always, we never ended up getting what we were looking for and I came away with a tonne of other things. I ended up getting four t-shirts, jeans for myself, sunglasses and shorts or something... My mom got two t-shirts but no jeans. I always buy the most out of everyone... it's sometimes a problem!

We came back later on and ordered pizza; I barely ate anything all day so I was very hungry! We watched Grease after that. A classic movie. I didn't play today at all, which is good, because I needed to take at least a day off before preparing for Wimbledon. I've had three long days of matches this week. We're driving up to Wimbledon on Friday actually; it's a really fun trip and we'll be going on the ferry, too, and then going up to London. My dad's not a big fan of driving on the left side of the road so I hope I won't be getting into any car crashes! Hopefully I'll hit when we get there and then over the weekend I'll be practicing a lot.

Wimbledon is definitely my favorite tournament, even though I haven't played it that many times. I love all of the Slams and they are all in great cities but I just love England. I love English accents, they are very royal. Just the way they speak is cool to listen to. The tournament also treats all of us well too. I do love New York City as well though, and of course here in Holland; I'd say these three are the Top 3 places to play for me. But Wimbledon especially, because my big brother won there, and he's going to be there too this year to support me and practice with me. We couldn't play the mixed doubles though, unfortunately!

I'm seeded at Wimbledon, which is really exciting. Earlier this year it was a goal of mine to be seeded at Wimbledon so I've reached it. I also want to make the Top 30 this year... so we'll see if that one comes true too.

I hope everyone enjoyed my blog this week. Playing tennis is lots of fun but all of the off-court stuff we do, like this blog, is the most fun. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me this week and the rest of the season. Hopefully I can do this again soon. My website should be done in the next few weeks so I'll keep you all posted about that.

Talk to you all soon!!


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