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Rosmalen   19 jun 2007 R16: Safina (13) 4-6 6-3 4-6 

Michaella Krajicek, Sonyericssonwtatour.com, 20 juni 2007

Krajicek's 's-Hertogenbosch Blog 3

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unfortunately, I won't be defending my title this year. I lost to Safina, 64 36 64. It was a really good match, though. She was just better today; she served better, which was the key to the match. I was really enjoying it because it was on Centre Court and I had so much support from the crowd, but I am still disappointed I couldn't win. One of us had to lose. I have to say that we played better than last year's final. We're both young and improving, and have lots ahead of us.

It was tough to play my doubles match after losing in the singles. It was hard to refocus. Although we played pretty well in the doubles match, we lost to the top seeds, Chan and Chuang. We had a lot of break chances but we just couldn't make any of them. They're such a good team though, making the Australian Open final and winning a few tournaments; but it's still disappointing. It has just been a really tough day today! I'm really tired, so maybe tonight I'll just relax and watch a movie...

I try to keep a positive attitude when I lose, but it's not that easy. When you're focused and feel like you're playing well and things just don't work out, it's tough. I just couldn't break Safina in the third set. But 30 seconds after I lost I had to do an interview on-court and I think it went pretty well; I congratulated her and said maybe next time I'm going to need some help to beat her, maybe I will get one of those voodoo dolls or something, because she has beaten me four times this year now! At least I was able to make some people laugh with that. There were also lots of kids out there, as it was kids' day today. They were so cute! The support they give is inspiring and it definitely helps you get over a tough loss.

Aside from my matches I didn't have time for much today. I slept in because the barbecue was really late last night, I think it finished around midnight. It was really nice! It's great that it is an ATP event here too, because it's nice to see the guys. It's something different! This morning I had a hit before my match and then watched some of Haase against Benneteau; Haase lost, so it was not a very good day for Dutch tennis, but we did have one winner so that's good. Then I had the two matches and that's about it. Severine and I will play a few more tournaments together at least. The team we beat in the first round was good and we played well against one of the best teams of 2007.

Continuing my comments from the other day, I heard that I'm even on billboards on the highways. I couldn't believe it, like it is not only here, it's outside the tournament too. I haven't seen them but apparently they're there. I don't know what to say... like I said, hopefully people aren't sick of me! I've been getting some good comments about my blog though. My website should be done soon so I hope to have something like this... and if not I'd love to do this blog again too.

I'm not leaving you guys yet, though - I have sponsor activities to do tomorrow for Ordina and maybe Maurice Lacroix, so I'll definitely have things to talk about for one more day!

Until tomorrow,


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