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Michaella Krajicek, Sonyericssonwtatour.com, 19 juni 2007

Krajicek's 's-Hertogenbosch Blog 2

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello again everyone!

We won our doubles match today, but just barely! It was really long and we won in a third set tie-break. I have to thank my partner, Severine, because she did so well today. This is the first time we're playing together so before the match we hit and we learned how each of us plays a little better. The most important thing, to me, is that she's such a great person. In doubles, even if you don't play the best match out there you've got to get along with your partner. We click. She's very positive. She did really well at Wimbledon last year and I think she can do well again this year; she has had some tough draws on grass so far this year, playing Molik and Daniilidou in her first matches, but I think she'll do well at Wimbledon.

Anyway last night after I wrote the blog we just played some games in the hotel room and then watched a movie. I like card games and backgammon. My brother also has games on his computer so we play those; he tries to teach me how, but I usually lose! But he still takes the time to try to show me because we're just enjoying spending time together. We don't see each other all that much, because we're always so far from each other. After some games we watched Scary Movie 4. That was by my brother's request! It was so funny though. My favorite movies are comedies and romantic comedies. My favorite is The Notebook. Everybody cries at the end of that movie, but I was actually crying 10 minutes into it... don't tell anyone! I usually really get into movies, as you can probably tell.

I ended up going to bed around 11pm, which is pretty late for me, but I knew I'd have the chance to sleep in today because my match wasn't on until late, so that was okay. I slept until about 10am, had breakfast then went to the club. I helped the launch of a new Whirlpool washing machine soon after I got there! I put my signature on it then signed some more autographs... I was there for about 20 minutes. It's the first product launch of my career! It's a really cute washing machine too because it has a little tennis ball inside. Whirlpool does a lot for the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour and I really appreciate it. I am definitely going to buy some Whirlpool stuff this year, maybe for myself but also for some of my family.

I'm so glad Richard had a chance to come by and watch me here yesterday. He helps me a lot. Even though I've been on Tour for two or three years, this is really my first full year playing, and I'm still just 18; everything is pretty new for me, and he is the perfect person to talk to about it. He not only helps me with my game but with a bunch of other things. I'm very glad to have him around :)

I'm off to a barbecue now. Lots of players are going to be there too. My family is actually waiting for me right now! I'm playing second after noon tomorrow against Dinara Safina, who I played in last year's final. I watched some of her match from a few hours ago and she's playing very well. And then later we play Chan and Chuang, the No.1 doubles seeds. I think I'll have an early night tonight!

I'll talk to you all afterwards...


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