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US Open   11 sep 2004 F: Kirkland (0) 6-1 6-1 

Usopen.org, 12 september 2004

An interview with Michaella Krajicek

Well done.

Thank you.

How different a feeling is it from this time last year?

Last year I was really disappointed I lost the final, and this year I'm really happy I won. I won the doubles yesterday, so I'm really glad I made two titles here.

Is it more special because of what happened last year?

I think I was more comfortable, a lot of more comfortable in the final, because I was going with the feeling that I already did this last year, so I don't have to be nervous. I think that was the important point for me that I won.

But, I mean, having an unhappy experience, then coming back and having a very happy experience, does that make it more special, more exciting?

I have to say I was really happy because last year it was my first, like, US Open Grand Slam. So I was really happy I reached the final, though. So it was disappointing that I lost in the final, but it makes a little bit special this year, of course, that I won. But I was last year really happy, too.

Did you expect to dominate her as well as you did today?

No, I didn't expect it at all because I didn't ever play her, so I didn't knew how it was going to be. I played really well. My serve was going good. Yeah, I didn't made a lot of mistakes, so, yeah.

You must be very pleased with your fitness. Only yesterday you had a tough day, yet you came back today.

Yeah, I improved. That's what I said already. I improved a lot already my physically points, so I'm really happy that I did like this.

Did the TV cameras bother you at all?

No, no, no. I'm already used to it, so (smiling).

You don't mind being a bit of a star?

A little bit, no. I don't mind - a little star (smiling).

So with two Grand Slam titles, how will you celebrate now?

I have to celebrate a lot because today I don't think I will really celebrate because I'm going home by plane to Holland. I think I will celebrate it tomorrow in Holland.

With your friends and family?

Yeah, of course.

Big party?

I think only with my friends because my family, my mom and my brother are in Czech. Then I would celebrate it the same in Czech Republic.

Have you had lots of phone calls?

I had a lot of messages and stuff. I d
on't know, I didn't even check my e-mails. It's nice.

How important is it for you now as a step to what comes next, being a Junior Grand Slam champion?

I think it's nice to win a tournament, but it stays a tournament, of course. So it's like every week there's another tournament. But I think I improved a little bit more than last year with my physically and my serve is good. So I think -- I hope that next year I will play here quali or main draw in the US Open.

Will you be looking at your world ranking now, Junior ranking?

Uhm, yeah. I really don't know how many points I get and everything, so I really hope that I'm gonna be No. 1. But I don't know. Really, I hope so. But if it's not gonna be, then No. 2 is good, too (smiling).